The Nixon Time Teller is one of our all-time most popular watch models. And recently, we started to give fans the new ability to add an engraved message on this watch.

To celebrate the addition of the Time Teller to our engraving program, we caught up with a Nixon collector who owns dozens.

Jaiver Cachón, welcome back to the Nixon Collector's Corner.

The collection of Nixon Time Teller watches from Jaiver Cachón

Jaiver Cachón wears the new Nixon Time Teller Solar watch

Jaiver Cachón and His Nixon Time Tellers

When did you get your first Time Teller watch and what was it?

I got my first Time Teller about ten years ago. It was the Blue Sunray Leather and I remember I fell in love with the blue sphere when the sun reflected on it.

How many Time Tellers do you own?

Right now I own 52 Time Tellers. But I have many Time Teller parts because, as I said in my first Collector's Corner interview, one of my hobbies is customizing them.

Is there one Time Teller that stands out most in your collection?

Without question, aesthetically, the Andy Davis collab and the two Jason Jessee Santa Cruz Time Tellers. They were very difficult to get and the sphere of Guadalupe Virgin is an icon of skate street culture.

Some of the most unique Nixon Time Tellers watches from the collection of Jaiver Cachón

A selection of Time Teller watches from the collection of Jaiver Cachón

Jaiver Cachón wears three of his favorite Nixon Time Teller watches

Nixon Time Teller collector, Jaiver Cachón