All the way from Spain, Javier Cachón shares a vibrant, rare and vast collection.

Nixon watch collector Javier Cachón Zagalaz

Chiming in from Spain, Nixon aficionado Jaiver Cachón adds unique flavor to his fashion fervor by rotating through a collection of limited-editions and one-of-a-kinds. With so many Nixons on deck, Javier won’t be running out of time, style or variety in the near or far-fetched future.

"I own 96 Nixons. The base of my collection is the Mismatch series, which I have all of except the Channel T. . . I’m very proud of my Time Tellers too." – Javier Cachón Zagalaz

Check out Javier’s deep stash, learn which watch made his fascination tick and catch his ultimate custom. HINT: The dial features a type of tree that California and Spain share in common.

A collection of Nixon watches

Starting with the basics, tell us a little about yourself, including your age, name and where on Earth you live.

I’m Javier Cachón. I am 45 years old and I’m teacher at a college in my home city of Jaén, Andalusia, Spain. I also spend half of my time in Tarifa, Andalusia, Spain. I am a lover of all the sports. I play some of them, too. I also have a lovely daughter of 8 years old.

“The first time I saw a Nixon, I was really impressed. It was a white Rotolog and I bought it the next day with some savings.”

How did you get into collecting Nixon watches? What made Nixon stand out to you?

The first time I saw a Nixon, I was really impressed. It was a white Rotolog and I bought it the next day with some savings. That was about 2005. I looked for information about Nixon and began learning the differences between the rest of the watches, including details and aesthetic. The information at that time was more difficult to find. Now, I know a lot of Nixon collectors and they keep me informed about the Nixon subculture, like Andrew Prosser and many more around the world.

A huge collection of Nixon watches

“I have had 145 Nixon timepieces altogether.”

What watches do you have in your collection? How many and what models?

I have had 145 Nixon timepieces altogether. Right now, I own 96. The base of my collection is the Mismatch series, which I have all of except the Channel T. My collection is displayed in two original and restored Nixon cases. I’m very proud of my Time Tellers too. I have a special space on one of my Nixon stands that is strictly for Time Tellers.

Do you customize Nixons yourself? What’s the wildest custom that you rock? What about custom straps?

I do customize Nixons. This is one of my hobbies, especially Time Tellers. At the same time, I always respect the original design of a Nixon. I have watches customized by the Nixon Paris shop where the big Jo Manate makes them for me. The wildest custom was painting two palm trees on the dial of a gold Don. Doing that on an iconic watch has made a lot of Nixon lovers appreciate the originality and even ask me for one. As for the straps, I change them but I don’t customize them at the moment… Also, I customized my camper van with a tailor-made Nixon logo.

A custom gold Nixon watch

What are some of your all-time favorites in your collection?

My favorites are all my Mismatches, especially the Spencer, Sultan and the gold Capital automatic. I truly believe that this masterpiece is absolutely perfect.

What Nixon collaboration watches do you own that you’re stoked on?

I own a lot, including Star Wars, Santa Cruz, Micky Mouse, Spitfire, as well as a complete and customized Andy Davis collection

Do you have any dream collaborations that you’d like to see go down?

I considered myself a fanatic of the ’80s, so for me the films Back to the Future, the Goonies or Blade Runner would be perfect collaborations. Stranger Things would also be absolutely shocking.

Have you ever gifted a Nixon to someone or been gifted one yourself? What was the watch and what was the occasion?

Time Tellers are the perfect wedding gift. They’re timeless because there is always one that is the perfect fit for someone. Friends have also gifted me the Rerun and the Banks.

Do you have preferences on movement, strap type or case size?

I’m always going to favor an automatic Swiss movement, a genuine leather strap for summertime and a stainless-steel bracelet for winter. I´m also a Ceramic Elite Class lover, which I wear throughout the entire year. I like the cases no bigger than 42mm, even though I love my 45mm gold Duo.

Javier Cachón Zagalaz's Nixon collection

What OG models would you like Nixon to bring back?

I would like a revival of the Mismatch collection with an automatic watch included. I’d also like to see a teal-colored dial on the Regent automatic.

Which watch do you get the most compliments on?

Actually, I get complemented on a lot of them, but especially the gold Capital automatic and the Fantasy Rotolog for its retro-future aesthetic.

What’s your best memory while wearing a Nixon?

My best memory while wearing a Nixon was when I got awarded “Best College Teacher of Spain.” At that moment, I looked at my award and my limited-edition Nixon Player automatic. It was an unforgettable experience.

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