If you just purchased a new stainless steel watch, but it doesn't fit quite right, you're probably wondering how to adjust your metal watch bracelet.

If that watch bracelet has a sliding clasp, you're in the right place!

Keep in mind that all Nixon watches that have a sliding clasp also come with a spring bar tool. You'll need this to adjust your new Nixon sliding clasp watch bracelet.

Wondering how to adjust a different style of watch bracelet? Here's more video content to help you resize your watch bracelet:

How to Adjust a Watch Bracelet with a Sliding Clasp

Here are the tools you’ll need to adjust this type of metal bracelet:

  • Small screwdriver or spring bar tool (similar to what is used to adjust glasses)
  • Non-abrasive cloth (again, a micro-fiber or a soft case for sunglasses)

Step-by-Step Instructions for Adjusting Milanese or Metal Bracelets with a Sliding Clasp:

  1. Pinch band on your wrist: Put the unadjusted watch on your wrist and give the bracelet a pinch so that the watch fits at the tightness you desire. Look at where the clasp is compared to how much of the bracelet is pinched. Note how far you’ll need to move the clasp to make a good adjustment.

  2. Lift the clasp: Set your watch down on a flat surface and get your spring bar tool or small screwdriver ready. Open the clasp as you would when putting the watch on. Position your tool of choice in the notch of the clasp, with the handle of the tool held over the watch case. Use the tool like a lever and lift the clasp mechanism. The back of the Milanese bracelet should have shallow pockets that the clasp will sit into.

  3. Adjust the clasp: Now that the clasp is loose, you can freely move it up and down the Milanese watch bracelet. Move it to the position you previously estimated would be good enough to achieve a better fit.

  4. Close the clasp: Once you have it positioned, close the mechanism that you opened with your tool. Use your tool in a reverse motion to how you opened the Milanese clasp.

  5. Test the fit: Put the wristwatch back on and see how it fits! If it’s too loose or too tight, repeat the watch adjustment steps above until you get it just right.

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